Custom Overseas Decorations

Go beyond ordinary exclusively with FW’s custom overseas program where customization options are unlimited and quality surpasses all expectations. FW’s custom overseas program is designed to offer creative and quality headwear and apparel options that fit into every budget, style and program. Let us bring your ideas to life, or rely on our experienced team of specialists to design options using the most up to date decorating techniques and trends. FW’s custom overseas program offers options that will make your corporate logo stand out from the rest.

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EMBROIDERY is recognized as one of the industry’s most popular and authentic decoration techniques for outerwear, apparel and headwear. FW has mastered the art of embroidery by offering a multitude of techniques that are available exclusively by FW: FLAT, 3D PUFF, DOUBLE 3D PUFF & TEXTURED EMBROIDERY.


Looking for diversity? Be original with the new DEBOSSING & EMBOSSING decoration technique now available exclusively by FW. Create a subtle and sleek look as this technique brands your logo into a variety of fabrics to offer a sophisticated appearance.

Fabric Appliqué

Be creative with the FABRIC APPLIQUÉ decoration option. Available domestically, this technique adds a youthful and fashionable twist to any Outerwear, Apparel or Headwear style. A variety of fabrics are available to be applied – Cotton, Fleece, Felt, and much more!

Screen printing

Screen printing is a great method for creating images on fabric by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by a stencil. Works well for small lettering, as well as logos with a lot of detail.


This amazing technique utilizes 100% PVC silicon in liquid format to form the shape of your logo in your Pantone color selection. Patches are an excellent way to express vivid colors with a 3D effect with a matte finish.

Liquid Metal

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Liquid metal patches can be screen printed onto apparel, outerwear and headwear in silver or gold (no Pantone color matching available). Ideal for logos with minimal detail.

High Frequency

This decoration technique involves heating rubber with high frequency electromagnetic waves to soften the plastic so that it can be molded into the shape of the logo. Perfect for highlighting small text and logos with a minimal amount of detail, as well as matching them with specific Pantone colors.


A multitude of other decoration techniques are available to enhance FW headwear. They include: Sublimation (photographic imagery is printed onto polyester and other synthetic fabrics); Rhinestones (artificial gemstones with fused metallic backings that reflect light to give the appearance of diamonds or other gems); LED Lights (small LED lights are inserted into the embroidered logo - battery operated) and Fraying (fabric of the cap is distressed so that loose threads are created in specific locations on the cap.)


Get creative with MULTI-DECORATION OPTIONS by combining two or more of 30+ decoration techniques exclusively from FW for a one of a kind custom Outerwear, Apparel and Headwear style. Cutting edge decoration techniques coupled with FW’s innovative styling are guaranteed to enhance the overall value of each piece.