FW Commitments & Guarantees

Our Commitment

Customer Satisfaction is always the number one priority at Fersten Worldwide. We pride ourselves on the high quality standards we set for our products and services and ensure that every Fersten Worldwide apparel and headwear style exceeds our level of excellence.

Our goal is to ensure top of mind awareness among distributors and their customers. All our new styles are created to satisfy customer needs for comfortable, durable and fashionable apparel, headwear and accessories. We are using the latest and most advanced technologies in fabric content and texture, as well as product sizing and fit.


Product Inventory

Fersten Worldwide guarantees complete inventory availability of all styles, colors and sizes offered in our catalog*. If we do not have what you ordered "in stock" and you do not want to substitute for a comparable product, you will receive a 5% DISCOUNT on the product that is not immediately available.

Product Delivery

Fersten Worldwide guarantees that we will ship your order on time, every time. If due to our fault, you receive your order late, we will give you a 5% DISCOUNT on your order**.

We GUARANTEE 9 Weeks** Ocean Delivery for all custom overseas orders. FW has successfully weathered the production turmoil that most suppliers are currently experiencing in Asia by creating fully integrated and state of the art production systems to guarantee on time delivery for all overseas production.

With a dedicated team at your service, the FW Custom Overseas Program is built to seamlessly transition from development to sampling to production, perfect for those looking for creativity, flexibility, quality driven product and most important on time delivery for any event. Get a quote today for any custom apparel and headwear programs.

*Inventory guarantee is valid up to 1,000 units per color ordered. All orders MUST be received in writing.
** Delivery guarantee is valid for customers who are in good credit standing with Fersten Worldwide at the time of shipping. Delivery times are based on approval of sample and confirmed order.

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